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This event is geared towards new or prospective homeschoolers. It is a safe environment to ask questions, learn about the different homeschool philosophies, and understand the ins and outs of homeschool laws and regulations for the state of Ohio.

High School Graduation

CHEC’s graduation ceremony celebrates homeschool students who have successfully completed high school through a special ceremony, giving of their diploma, and reception. If you are interested in registering your child, email [email protected].

Monthly Meetings

Each CHEC meeting has a different key speaker talking on a variety of subjects including CCP,  high school transcripts, homeschooling with a Christian perspective, etc. These meetings are a great place to learn from leaders, meet likeminded homeschoolers, and encourage one another.

Annual Used Book Sale

The annual book sale is a great place to find new curriculum at a good price and to sell textbooks your family has finished using. Not only do you prepare for the next school year, but you also help support families in their homeschooling journey.

Standardized Testing

We offer group standardized testing as a way to help you assess how you are preparing your children for college and beyond. This testing also meets the state of Ohio’s notification requirements.

Field Trips

Field trips are common among the CHEC community. You can expect field trips like: museums, plays, outdoor adventures, park days, parties, etc. Each region of CHEC plans and promotes their own activities. There are events geared towards younger children, teenagers, and for the whole family.